Our Mission

C3Funding's mission is to provide communities and regions with with the resources need to promote local fund raising and investing. Through the development of crowdfunding tools and an in innovative community centric crowdfunding platform, C3Funding desire is to redefine crowdsourcing for both for-profit and not-for-profit entitities. Our developing platform will support both securities (loans, mortgages, investment contracts, real estate developments, peer to peer loans, equity particpation or "share income" securities) AND non-securities (donation, reward, pre-sale) offers within a single community or regional site. In addition, C3Funding is also designed with a local community focus and branding.

Initially, our services will focus on states that have intra-state crowdfunding laws, which currently allow for the sale of securities exclusively within their state.

We will be rolling out many of these services beginning in the fourth quarter of 2020.