Help Us Build BroncoSat 1 - Kalamazoo's First Satellite

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We are raising money for a student organization at WMU so that they can build a satellite that will be launched by NASA and orbit the Earth. The goal of the satellite is to take photos of the Earth, and have an active attitude control system so that we can point the satellite at specific locations and share the photos with our supporters. Supporters may even be able to choose where we point the camera.

Kristina Lemmer

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The Western Aerospace Launch Initiative (W.A.L.I.) wants to launch stuff…lots of stuff. Ultimately, we will launch a satellite into space. We are going to design, build, test, and launch a CubeSat. CubeSats are 10-cm-cubes with a mass limit of about 3 pounds. What can you fit in such a small space? Lots actually:

  • Power system (solar panels, power processing unit, and batteries)
  • Communication system (we’ve got to talk with our satellite)
  • Structure (the satellite needs to stay in one piece)
  • Stability (we want to keep it pointing in the correct direction)
  • Payload (we’re going to put a camera on it to take photos for YOU!)

This is going to take a long time (probably over a year for design, build, test and launch), and cost a lot of money. So, while we are fundraising, we are going to launch all kinds of other stuff such as:

  • High altitude balloons
  • Model rockets
  • PongSats
  • CanSats

We are also active in the community, going to local area elementary and middle schools and presenting workshops. These workshops teach students about CubeSats, and we may even launch a high altitude balloon with small payloads that the children can build themselves. Please support our efforts. This group is a fantastic learning opportunity for us, and we are able to work as a team in all aspects of building a satellite. This is helping to train us for jobs in the real world, and all fields of engineering are involved. Wouldn’t it be incredible for WMU and Kalamazoo to have a satellite in space?

Reward Disclaimer

Spaceflight is incredibly difficult. While we are going to take every precaution and meticulously plan everything to ensure BroncoSat-1 is successful, sometimes components break or do not operate as expected. Unfortunately, when that happens, we cannot easily fix the problem, like with a car or computer. Therefore, if something happens during launch or for some reason the satellite does not operate as expected after launch, we are not responsible for providing photos from BroncoSat-1.


BroncoSat 1 Video

Video of BroncoSat 1 launch initiative

Up and Away

Balloon launch

Aerial 1

Girl Scout Event

Battle Creek outreach event

Balloon 2

Weather balloon

Aerial 4


Getting ready to launch

Students 3

BroncoSat 1 Logo 2

Logo w/ white background

Aerial 3

Aerial 6

Students 1

Girl Scout Event

Battle Creek outreach event

Aerial 2

Students 2

BroncoSat 1 Logo

Logo w/ black background

3U Cubesat

Aerial 5

BroncoSat 1 Video #2

Promo video detailing different aspects of this offer


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by SpaceGeek


This is such a great idea for the students to learn about building spacecraft.

by SpaceGeek


The Western Aerospace Launch Initiative is a fantastic group of students working to build and launch a CubeSat